Kinetic World (3rd Album)

by kero one

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kero's 3rd official album.



released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Plug Label San Francisco

Promoting Love Under Ground. Plug Label started in 2003 by Kero One and his partner. Since then they have released over 20 album and single releases on CD and LP.


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Track Name: Missing You
Verse 1
Dear Missy,
I just touched Sicily
thinking bout you, wondering how much you miss me
we just performed Spain, where some got tipsy,
saw a couple groupies, even still its trippy,
speaking of, the nights start late there,
people leave at 12 having fun till the sun blares,
demolishing Paella, Papas Bravas and Tapas,
drinking down Cervezas with the boys and Muchachas,
yeah I learned some words, but it’s getting absurd,
lost in translation mixing up my verbs,
like “guten tag” in Prague, in Sri Lanka I said “danke”,
Morocco “arigato”, all these countries got me bonkers,
but you know, when in Rome do as they do
damn it’s getting late sound check’s in a few
how’s your boss treating you? Share your latest in news
signed sincerely, you’re man that’s missing you,

I’m missing you, I’m missing you
I wish you were here with me and I was there with you

“Bonjour Bonjour”, live from Bordeaux France,
where they say “savah!”, before they slap your hand,
we've been staying in the country with Jerome and Vernon,
sipping fine wines, till it exits our urine,
smooth on the palette, but cheap in Euros even,
here these Europeans damn near charge you for breathing,
so it’s saying a lot, it’s getting crazy on the wallets
and the only way to stall it, short arms and deep pockets
plus last night they stole my phone in Paris,
with my streets smarts, who thought it would happen to me
so today I’ll keep it cheap “Big Mac” and some cheese,
keep my baggage from thieves
and leave the rapping to me,
but anyway I never heard back from you
I hope you got my letter and those macaroons
tomorrow’s the election, many living with fear,
if Sar Kozees' elected then the city might flip,
burning cars and all, and it's time to dip
next stop Tokyo, my second home nearly,
and man i'm missing you, wishing you were here


Verse 3
wow, I’m back home, at my humble abode
dang, its two MONTHS, since I’ve been back home,
everything’s surreal, guess that’s life on the road,
and it feels good like “Tony Tony Tone”
my clocks still saying 3am Japan,
when we'd likely be out on a stage with the band,
man, I wish you here to welcome me home babe,
embrace me like you use to, brand new like a phone date,
surf me like a homepage wrestling messing with,
each other, you smother me like butter on toast,
hey and I’m still waiting on your response at least,
its been almost a year since I've seen you with me,
man, why was it you, that night I let you drive?
why was it me that night I had survived?
why was it that some dumb ass let him drive!
as drunk as he was I cant believe he's alive,
and your gone “poof” like you never existed,
my tears rolled swift, as your head I lifted,
I vowed to protect you, and now your distant
i'm waiting for the day I see you back in existence,
and as days pass, I'll keep faith in God
he won’t steer me wrong, even when it gets odd,
so till we're in heaven, keep believing within you
signed sincerely, your man that’s missing you…